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Larisa Bedgood
  Marketing is getting savvier, today’s consumers are more technically advanced, and digital seems to be ruling all. As more consumers turn to digital channels to look and research their next automobile, dealerships are keeping up by embracing data-driven and digital strategies.  However with all these shiny new marketing tactics, dealerships may be ignoring one...
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  Each year, Insurance Journal publishes their 101 Sales, Marketing, and Management Ideas list based on the input of “readers, experts, educators, marketing professionals” and more. The list compiles big picture suggestions, macro view comments, and obvious recommendations that seem like no brainers but often get pushed to the side in the day-to-day scramble. This...
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  Consumers head into dealerships to not only buy cars, but to service the ones they own. This is stating the obvious, but many dealerships may be losing out on potential service revenue by not giving the service department the attention it deserves. According to Wards Auto, vehicle-service is a $215 billion a year industry...
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  10 Types of Data Making an Impact in the Auto Industry Consumers today leave clues and data across the Internet – insights into who they are, what they like, and what they are about to purchase. And like most industries today, the automotive industry is gathering and using as much of this data as...
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