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Saša Zorović

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer


Saša Zorović serves as V12 Data’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. In this role, he oversees V12 Data’s technology, operations, human resources and finance teams and is responsible for developing strategies to structure and operate the company for maximum success.

Prior to joining V12 Data, Saša held an executive role at technology company PTC where he served as VP of Finance, Operations, and Strategic Planning for the Internet-of-Things division. During his career tenure, Saša has served in numerous leadership positions, including Chairman and CFO for Aseptia, Inc. and CEO of Bloomberg DataConnect. Prior to that, Saša founded Datalette, a company that was subsequently acquired by Bloomberg. He started his career as software analyst at Goldman Sachs and Oppenheimer, and consultant at McKinsey.

Saša has an MBA from Stanford Business School, a PhD in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford, and an AB from Harvard.