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Insurance customer experience
With mobile usage growing year over year, marketers are now deeply entrenched in a world of mobile marketing, messaging, and customer engagement. People carry their smartphones with them everywhere and mobile channels are where your audience spends much of their time.  A 2015 Bain survey of insurance companies projected that digital channels will continue to...
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According to consumers, insurers are not keeping up with their expectations - and customers are not sticking around long enough to give them the opportunity to prove otherwise. For those in the insurance industry, we are well aware of the poor rankings in customer experience satisfaction scores and know that customer loyalty is at an all-time low. Customer churn...
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The middle market ($35,000 – $100,000 income) represents a huge opportunity for life insurance companies. According to research by LIMRA and Epsilon, 68% of insurers said that the middle market was their top priority, and 73% said that the middle market will be their top priority in the future. Yet reaching and acquiring this population...
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  Each year, Insurance Journal publishes their 101 Sales, Marketing, and Management Ideas list based on the input of “readers, experts, educators, marketing professionals” and more. The list compiles big picture suggestions, macro view comments, and obvious recommendations that seem like no brainers but often get pushed to the side in the day-to-day scramble. This...
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