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Targeted Email Marketing, Powerful Campaign Performance

Acquire and nurture your leads with V12 Data’s powerful email deployment solution. Available through the V12 Data Cloud, you can easily launch personalized and targeted email campaigns at key moments along the purchase journey. Email your existing customer base or leverage V12 Data’s database of over 300 million records to deliver one-to-one, real-time messages.

Smart Email Marketing for Right Time Engagement

We give you the power and flexibility to create, send, segment, and track your emails with ease. Define your audience parameters, select from pre-designed templates or upload your own, and create highly personalized marketing offers.

Within minutes, your emails are delivered to your audience and you can access your campaign results in real time.

So whether you’re geo-targeting local parents, reaching out to business CFOs, or trying to catch fast-moving motorcycle owners, the V12 Data Email Marketing solution helps you nurture and engage your customers, find receptive new audiences, and drive powerful campaign results.
Email Marketing Solution

  • 300 million unique subscriber email database
  • Acquisition and CRM data capabilities
  • 500+ selects to improve targeting including: geographics, demographics, lifestyle, interests (dog lover, sports fan), and more
  • Reporting feature to show who reads, clicks, and forwards your email
  • Social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more
  • Flexibility to add your logo, company colors, etc.
  • Automatic spam checker to ensure inbox delivery
  • Seed list input and suppression options