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Drive Customer Acquisition and Growth with Omnichannel Financial Marketing Solutions

Today’s financial and insurance consumers have access to more options and information as they traverse and research across multiple digital channels. The financial services industry must leverage both internal and external consumer insights to deliver real-time marketing solutions to acquire and retain the most profitable customers and prospects. V12 Data empowers marketers to identify and target the right consumers for acquisition through real-time data insights, rich third-party data enhancement, and robust data analytics.

Financial Services Marketing Solutions

Features of V12 Data’s Financial Services Industry Solutions:

  • Drive growth and retention across products and channels. Using state of change data based on life or asset changes events, we find and target customers in the moment based on their intent to purchase.
  • Reengage inactive customers with V12 Data’s robust CRM email reactivation solution.
  • Build custom audience segments for delivery of online ads on all major US-based display, mobile and video platforms.
  • Seamlessly integrate your 1st party data with V12 Data’s 3rd party data to find new audiences, manage existing customer relationships, and execute highly targeted, omnichannel campaigns through the V12 Data Cloud.