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Acquire Profitable New Members & Patients with Real-Time Marketing Intelligence

The healthcare industry is challenged today to deliver more value to consumers while keeping costs low. With changing market dynamics and a more customer-empowered marketplace, healthcare organizations must acquire the most profitable members to sustain a competitive advantage. V12 Data provides real-time marketing solutions to power the right engagements with in-market prospects before the opportunity is lost. Our Right Time Marketing process blends best in class consumer data and, offline and online data for optimally timed engagement across channels.

Healthcare Marketing

Features of V12 Data’s Healthcare Industry Solutions:

  • Break down data siloes to gain a single view of your members and patients to improve touch points and compliancy.
  • Identify consumers who are experiencing life changing events and may soon be in market for your products, plans, and services.
  • Build custom audience segments for delivery of online ads on all major US-based display, mobile and video platforms.
  • Link consumer offline and online identities for real-time insights into the optimal message that will drive conversion with multi-channel engagement strategies.
  • Seamlessly integrate your 1st party data with V12 Data’s 3rd party data to find new audiences, manage existing customer relationships, and execute highly targeted, omnichannel campaigns through the V12 Data Cloud.