Identify Anonymous Consumers with V12 Data’s Revolutionary 100+ Million Digital Consumer Footprint Database

Omnichannel Linkage Data

V12 Data has developed a 100+ million digital consumer footprint database to serve the reverse recognition needs of interactive marketing managers to identify these consumers that anonymously pass through business touch points each day. Through linkage-identification, our digital footprint database identifies previously anonymous consumers by mapping their IP, email, landline phone and/or mobile phone numbers from websites, call center switches or interactive forums back to their original full consumer record.

V12 Data has over 100 million consumer data records with digital recognition attributes including: Anglers, PYCO clusters, or any one of 500 individual attributes (i.e. demographics, geographic, interests, lifestyle, behaviors, etc.). All of V12 Data’s data is triple verified, thus creating the most accurate off and online databases in the marketplace.

Common Applications of Linkage Database

Ad Agencies see the value of installing our data sets at their clients’ locations to craft customized real-time anonymous recognition solutions. For example, a home improvement web site may display images and offers of potted plants in the spring to recognized apartment renters while displaying images and offers of lawn equipment to rural home owners.

Marketing service providers see the value of matching this data set to their in-house consumer files in order to increase eCRM offerings such as: real-time & batch anonymous consumer recognition (‘Linkage’), permission-pass retargeting, customer email appends, and prospect HTML or video email marketing.

Database Summary

  • Active Emails with a postal address = 93 million
  • Inactive Emails with a postal address = 305 million
  • All IP with a postal address = 158 million
  • All IP with a postal address (household level) = 123 million
  • All Mobile numbers = 95 million

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