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DataMentors Launches the DataMentors Marketing Cloud for Real-Time Customer Journey Based Marketing Automation

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DataMentors Launches the DataMentors Marketing Cloud for Real-Time Customer Journey Based Marketing Automation


TAMPA, FL – March 14, 2016 – DataMentors, LLC, a leading provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Right Time Marketing, today announced the launch of the DataMentors Marketing Cloud for real-time customer journey based marketing automation. The solution empowers marketers with the right data and analytical insights to create unique customer journeys to attract and acquire profitable new customers.

“The DataMentors Marketing Cloud unifies data sources at scale and in real-time to build rich profiles of every customer,” said Bob Orf, CEO of DataMentors.  “Using a robust suite of analytical tools, marketers can visually explore data and identify profitable segments to personalize content at each stage of the customer journey from acquisition to cross-sell to maturity.”  

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud combines offline and online data integration, analytics and journey based marketing automation to optimize consumer engagement across marketing channels.  The unique data integration platform seamlessly collects and consolidates customer data from across sales, marketing and customer service operations. Through a complete suite of charts, graphs, maps, pivot tables and VENN diagrams, marketers can visually explore data to identify, manage and grow customer lifetime value.

Key features include:

  • Data, technology and analytics are seamlessly brought together in the DataMentors Marketing Cloud to create right time marketing insights
  • DataMentors leverages 1st party data with real time 3rd party data to target and market to prospects and customers based on what they’re doing in the moment
  • Real time integrations with over 500 digital technologies to make it easy to unify, manage and schedule data flows for any channel
  • Intuitive journey-based campaign management that offers an infinite amount of segment, program and individual options

“The customer journey has become a common replacement for the sales funnel, as consumers move less linearly through the buying process,” said Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors. “To improve marketing KPI’s and ROI companies have to utilize visual data discovery and customer journey marketing automation to optimize every customer touch point. The DataMentors Marketing Cloud simplifies this process for today’s marketers.”

About DataMentors
DataMentors is the industry’s leading provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Right Time Marketing. Our comprehensive data solutions combine an integrated suite of data products, marketing technologies, and analytics to deliver: The Right Person, at the Right Moment, through the Right Channel. This makes us the Right Answer for clients seeking to grow, acquire, and retain their most profitable customers with cross-channel marketing strategies. We help companies leverage the modern data ecosystem and real-time data analytics to create a customized “always on” dataset of consumers where purchase is imminent. Recognized by Gartner for data quality for the past nine years, we provide the most powerful marketing data and technology services in the industry.


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