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Manufacturers: Understand Your Best Customers to Find New Revenue Opportunities

TAMPA, FL – August 18, 2014 – DataMentors, LLC, a full-service data quality, data management and business intelligence provider, has released a new article geared towards helping manufacturers better understand end-users to identify new revenue opportunities. Written by Anders Ekman, President of DataMentors, the article was recently published in Manufacturing Business Technology:

Manufacturers have traditionally sold products through sales channels with a one-size-fits-all approach. However, as the marketplace becomes more competitive and customers have more options, they are turning to data-driven marketing solutions to better target end-users according to their individual needs and preferences. Just as importantly, manufacturers are using new ways to more fully integrate with their sales channels to increase loyalty, acquisition, and retention.

Manufacturers are learning from retailers in this regard. “Rather than using traditional incentives and mass messaging to push products, they are learning to focus on customers’ needs by understanding who the customer is, what different customers buy, how they buy, and what influences their purchases,” said Bob Orf, Chief Executive Officer of DataMentors.

In Understand Your Best Customers to Find New Revenue Opportunities, Ekman discusses critical steps manufacturers must take to:

  • Create a 360-degree customer view by integrating multiple data sources.
  • Profile customers and prospects to identify top customers, prioritize marketing investments, and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Better manage sales channels with data-driven market intelligence to improve relationships and sell more products.

“As manufacturers seek better ways to target their customers, many are finding that their marketing databases are less than accurate. Incomplete and inaccurate data will severely impact the ability to clearly define and understand end-users and sales channels,” said Ekman. With more sources of customer information and new technologies to evaluate data, manufactures are using data management and marketing analytics to overcome some longtime challenges and reach some important goals.

To find out how more about how manufacturers are increasing revenue with better data management, read Understand Your Best Customers to Find New Revenue Opportunities at:

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