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Right Time Marketer

About Right Time Marketer

Right Time Marketer by V12 Data is a place for marketing thought leaders and influencers in all industries to share their knowledge and experience of Right Time Marketing with other likeminded individuals. Right Time Marketer reviews these robust pieces and delivers the content to our readers via daily posts and social sharing. We publish written and graphic content including blogs, interviews, videos, infographics, and slideshares, and encourage our readers to share content they find inspiring with their own social networks.

Our purpose is to publish quality, informative content to inform and encourage the evolution of the Right Time Marketing conversation. So be sure to join in the conversation and get involved – submit your content, ask questions, and comment on any of our contributor’s blogs.

What is Right Time Marketing

The definition of real-time marketing is evolving. The buzz around Big Data and the age of the “multi-channel, empowered consumer” may have originally led marketers to believe that a real-time and instantaneous interaction with consumers is the answer to all marketing situations, and while instant response is still important, there has been a recent shift in marketers’ attention from a purely real-time mode of thought to that of Right Time Marketing.

Right Time Marketing is a sophisticated way to boost customer acquisition and retention and provide the seamless customer experiences that have been deemed essential to remain competitive. Right Time Marketing creates revenue lift by allowing marketers to understand customer channel preferences and granular characteristics to gain insight into consumer intent. It begins with a foundation of rich customer data, both internal first party data sets and combining it with 3rd party data assets, including demographics, firmographics, real-time data, digital data and in-market purchase signals for finely tuned audience identification.