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Target and Acquire Consumers Actively Shopping for Automotive Parts and Service

V12 Signals Auto Service and Aftermarket

With V12 SignalsTM, you can now target and acquire in-market consumers actively seeking auto service or shopping for auto parts. V12 SignalsTM is a proprietary solution that utilizes mobile devices to identify actual on premise shoppers.

Receive daily consumer audiences who have visited an automotive service or parts location within the previous 24 – 48 hours. Each lead includes name and address and is often enhanced with additional demographic, vehicle, and contact data.

Purchase intender alerts

Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Audiences

Auto Dealers

  • Grow your service visitors by targeting consumers currently receiving service from local competitors.
    • Example: Jane Smith owns an economy car which she purchased directly from the dealership, however, she services her tires, muffler, and has her oil changed at national chains. The dealership where she purchased her car could utilize V12 Signals to find car owners like Jane and bring them back to the dealership for their oil changes and regular maintenance with the promise of expertise and superior service, perhaps even offering an additional warranty on the vehicle.
  • Boost car sales by targeting those who frequently visit service shops.
    • Example: Jane Smith purchased a car from your dealership 3 years ago and has gotten service on her vehicle 2x times over the last 30 days. The dealership could utilize V12 Signals to identify Jane Smith as an opportunity to upgrade her current vehicle to a newer model to save money on upcoming repairs.

Auto Warranty Providers

  • Increase your auto warranty sales by targeting frequent auto service visitors.
    • Example: A national automotive warranty company receives daily feeds of audiences who have been identified as shoppers of aftermarket parts, enhanced with household income and auto make, model, and year information. The company can offer a highly targeted offer across multiple channels.

Auto Retail Stores

  • Boost store purchases by targeting consumers who shop at local competitors.
    • Example: Joe Black shops at a local auto parts store that is 5 miles from your auto parts store. Joe would be captured as a consumer who in in-market for auto aftermarket retail. The Signal can be enhanced with demographic and auto data to provide the ability to offer a highly-targeted offer across multiple channels.
  • Increase repeat business by identifying consumers who are shopping at your store but are not subscribed to your loyalty benefits membership program.
    • Example: Joe Black is identified as a shopper at your auto parts store; however he is not currently a loyalty customer. V12 Signals would provide you the ability to offer Joe an opportunity to sign up for your customer loyalty program.

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